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Your objectives are as unique as you are. With the right mix, we can help you do what you need to achieve your spot in the noise of industry.

You need alignment in your activity and want to achieve. You don’t want someone who is going to spout businessy words like synergy and optimise. You want someone who speaks plainly simply, and effectively.

Not sure what it actually is that you want to achieve? Do you need help with your spokespeople moving beyond selling your product? Maybe it’s more about getting that balance between the salesperson and the product person to tell your story to specific medias? Is it potentially educating your team with the knowledge of who can scupper their projects in the public eye? Maybe it’s as simple as putting your goals to paper and then figuring out what is actually needed to achieve them from a communications, marketing and public affairs point of view.

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In the meantime, if you want some inspiration as to what you could be doing, take a look below at what we can offer:

our services

strategy development

What good are tactics without strategy? We can help you drill down into what is your driving force.

We can help you harness it and work with you to develop a strategy that will see you head and shoulders above the rest – laser-focused and ready to fire right when you need to, rather than scattering your shot everywhere. These focused and precise acts will help your overall comms strategy, and give your business the longevity that it needs.

Let us know how we might be able to drill your well, and bring forth a spring of strategy. Or first you could take a look at how we helped (insert client name) to make their strategy bring their company forwards.

stakeholder management

You know your industry, but do you know who has the influence that you need to go forward - or who could put the kibosh on your entire project - your industry? That is where we come in. You have your stakeholders internally, your customers, and your target personas targeted down to a tee. But we know who it is that makes the decisions that could change your business’ destiny.

Our stakeholder mapping services can put you in the know of who you need to know and get cosy with, and more importantly letting you know why they need to know you. We don’t just stop at a spider diagram. You’ll have the reason why and the where. 

Not sure how this can help you? Ask our friends here (client work link that focused on stakeholder mapping)

event support

You know you need to do events. That is the price of doing business. But do you know which events you need to be at? Have your events team considered the smaller, more intimate, and potentially more influential events? What about simply attending? It isn’t always about running or sponsoring. Roundtables might sound a bit old cob to you, but we promise you, they can turn your visibility into a thoroughbred thundering over Beecher’s Brook.

We are equally at home with the larger events that you will have heard of. Our team has great experience at DSEI, MWC, and Infosecurity. We can help you meet the attendees that you should be talking to, we can help put together real speaker proposals that cut through the noise, and help you and your sales teams get the ROI you’ve been looking for all this time.

Old hand, or a fresh face? Let us know where you’ll be next, and we can meet you and see how we can help you move up to the next level. Maybe you need some more convincing? Click here to speak to (insert customer case study here with event support).

content creation & support

It doesn’t need to be War and Peace, but sometimes it does. Don’t know your Tweet from your thought leadership? Well, luckily for you, we’re not too bad at it. We are a dab hand at cutting through the noise in any industry, writing and putting your point across to get you heard in the places you need to be.

Be it a technical piece in the trade press, or a short and snappy comment in the broadsheets, we can help you.

With a background in literature and language, our content team can make you feel as poetic as Dante Alighieri, and as succinct as Hemingway. Give us 280 characters or 2800 words, and we can put your point across like never before.

Drop us a line, maybe a haiku, about what you need, and we will respond in kind. You might even want to take a look at some of our thought leadership.


Journalists. They can be a prickly bunch, but they are lovely, really. Do you have a story that needs shouting from the rooftops? Perhaps it just needs to be in one, special place that will end up framed on your office wall? Are your sales teams crying out for material they can use when speaking with your potential customers

Look no further. Becoming the trusted voice by a select few journalists will make your job of getting that story out that much easier, and put you at the forefront of their minds when breaking industry stories take place. You’ll be seen as the hard hitting voice that speaks sense when everyone else is making noise that just blends into static. Media relations will make your story sing.

But, if you don’t think that will be your thing, maybe look at this before fully deciding (link to case study with customer that used media relations to advantage)

public affairs (consulting lobbyists and lobbying consultants)

Lobbying and government engagement can be a part of your communications activity, it doesn’t have to be a standalone campaign. Offering both lobbying consultant and consultant lobbyist services we are ethical practioners registered on both the ORCL and UKLR apply the same approach to lobbying as we do other projects.

We use our five principles of engagement to keep you aware of who you need to know, where you need to be, and why you need to be there and know them. Politics can be a fast moving beast – we all know this – so we provide you with relevant intelligence and updates that can influence your campaigns.