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rachael clamp

With over 20 years in Marketing and Communications, Rachael started Ardesey with one aim - to work on what she wanted to work on, with - and for - people she clicked with and admired, whilst enjoying herself. It was whilst working for Dod’s that she found her niche in engaging with the public sector and was able to feed her lifelong interest in politics, government and lobbying. She brought this to her myriad roles in communications across areas such as defence at Northrop Grumman, Government and Public Sector at EY, to heading up global marketing for the Public Services and Defence for PA Consulting. In this sector, there aren’t many people that she doesn’t know.

Rachael has a love for Formula 1, peonies, and a perfectly chilled glass of white wine (preferably served in a warm location!).

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ben cole
content writer, pr, media handler

Starting his career at Northrop Grumman in the corporate communications function, Ben found an interest in technology that has brought him from strength to strength in his professional life. After NG and Rachael’s pupillage, Ben found himself at B2B technology agency Babel, delving into Telecoms, networking analytics, and cybersecurity. He is now the main content driver at Ardesey, bringing a keen eye for a story and a simple to the point writing style that has an element of classicism to it. He sells stories like nobody’s business, and can keep up with journalists - even at The Cheshire Cheese.

Ben spends his free time lifting heavy things repeatedly, doing ruck marches, and widening his knowledge of wines through physical experimentation.

nina johnson
designer, creater

Nina has been in the world of design before most of us could even spell design. She has seen it come, go and come back again, and has such a knowledge of design and graphics media that you wouldn’t know where to begin. Her enthusiasm and critical design eye ranges from invitations and corporate origami souvenirs, all the way to whitepaper design, and even choosing the right type of paper for your business cards. Legend has it that she can tell you what GSM your paper is by smell.

Nina loves dogs, daffodils, and a good gin on a Friday night.

creative • design • marketing

Chufd is a decidedly unconventional, award-winning branding, design, and marketing agency.

The team will capture what makes you different, better, and remarkable so that you are noticed, remembered, and talked about.

They will then conceive, design, write, and produce everything you need to get that message in front of the target audience and manage your marketing if you wish.

​As a social enterprise Chufd are on a mission to nurture emerging talent in the journey from learning to earning. It’s a 3-way win.

Alex Sergent

Since the inception of creative agency Catch Creative, founder and former BBC broadcast journalist Alex Sergent along with his team have overseen the production of 1000 + films and animations! Projects range from one off films to campaigns and animations. Alex founded a charity while studying at The University of Hull called Catch21 which helped engage young people with their communities through film making.

Alex worked for former Brexit Secretary The Rt. Hon. David Davis MP while he ran for the Conservative Party leadership in 2005 - sadly, he lost!

beth lloyd-wright
digital marketing

Beth is a social-first B2B digital marketer with almost two decades in omnichannel marketing. She works with service based companies to develop their marketing strategy, create new content and deliver robust guidelines and processes that help level-up marketing efforts and outputs.

Beth is CIM qualified and brings with her an integrated and thoughtful approach to her work which results in quality deliverables for each client. She is able to draw upon her vast experience and adapt to the needs of each business and support their growth ambitions.